Work Exchange

1.        Please respect the house rules. Keep the staff bedroom neat and clean. No eating or drinking in the room. If any staff member is found eating or drinking in the room, ALL staff members staying in the room at that time will be fined NTD100 per person.

2.        Work hours are from 11 am to 3 pm or 11:30 am to 3:30 pm according to trash collection days. We suggest you eat a full meal before starting each day. Before you finish, a manager will check to make sure all tasks have been completed. Please DO NOT leave until this has been done.

3.        Your room and bed arrangements will be decided by a manager depending on the number of guests each day.

4.        Remember that while you are here, you represent Fuqi hostel’s team. If you choose to hang-out in the lounge during non-working hours, please continue to be friendly to our guests and remain aware of trash or anything out of place in public areas.

5.        Do not leave your belongings in public areas.

6.        After 11 pm, please do not make noise. Close bedroom doors gently.

7.        Staff members with good performance will be offered a $100 per work day courtesy for meals, except the day off.

8.        Clock-in when you get to work. If you arrive late, the money for your meal that day will be deducted. NT$10 for each minute late. Besides, don’t forget to punch your timecard before you work. If you forgot punch the time card for 3 times, you’ll be fined NT50.

9.        If you break the rules of this agreement, the work for accommodation exchange will be cancelled. If you need to leave the hostel before the exchange period is complete, you will be charged at the guest room rate for ALL days agreed upon in this contract.

10.     Remove the used pillowcases, quilt cover and sheets and put into the basket in the washing machine then you can leave.

Duration of stay: ______________ to ______________(last day of work)
I understand and agree to the terms of this contract:    _________________________

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