《FUQI Hostel Helpers for Jan.-Feb. 2014 Wanted!》

FUQI is located in an old area in Tainan, which enables people to walk to the famous Chikan Tower and Confucius Temple in 5 minutes. Besides, the 1st department store with elevators, Lin Department Store, and Japanese-style building, also the ancient Taiwan City Hall, are quite near FUQI. If you have interest in Tainan’s history and human dynamics, want to experience a hostel’s energy and passion, and also want to try running a hostel, even want to communicate with travelers from all around the world (as for now, we’ve had over 50-country travelers visited), you are the guy we are recruiting!

【Helper Conditions】
1. Work at least for 1 month. You can have 1 day off in a week to know Tainan better. Need to work 4 hours a day.
2. We only provide accommodation for helpers. As for one term, we only accept 2 helpers, and if the term is full, we’ll make other arrangement.
3. Helpers need to be good at CHINESE and ENGLISH. We sincerely welcome helpers with other language talent.
4. Helpers need to know a little bit of Tainan’s history and culture, or have great interest in it.
5. Always be curious and enthusiastic about people, and love to make new friends.
6. Clean and responsible.

【What we provide】
We have beds, washier, drier, shower, shower gel, shampoo, kitchen, ukulele, guitar…and wonderful coffee for our dear helpers.

【Work Content】
1. Help to clean the environment and accommodate customers.
2. Utilize your imagination to make FUQI better. We strongly welcome helpers with art talent.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below for us, or prepare lively and plentiful self-introduction sent to our mailbox:

—Brief Self-Introduction—
Self-introduction (including interest/talent description):
Date period you can come to FUQI:

We are looking forward to you joining us. If you have any question, please feel free to call us: 06-7034543.




If you have any question about us,please send us :