Early Bird Discount for 2014 Chinese Year Period

"Walking on the bustled old street, hearing vendor's shouting, you have shrimp rolls and "Coffin Board" in hand, and you're also drinking white gourd tea from an over-100-year store. Turn around. What you see is the castle which is near 400 years old." Are you ready to be on such a wonderful Chinese-year vacation in Taiwan yet?

FUQI is now having an early bird discount for those pre-reservation!

Since now to the end of Nov., our guests who book the beds for Chinese year period, 1/29 to 2/3, can get $550/bed preferential price. As for Dec., the booking price will be $600/bed, and $650/bed for those book from Jan. 1st to 1/20.
Besides, as for the 13-bed room, the Nov. reservation price is $600/bed, the Dec. reservation price is $650/bed, the Jan. reservation price is $700/bed.

If you need to make a reservation, please email to:, or call: +886-67034543.




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