Money Transfer Info

Electronic banking transfer or ATM transfer

Chang Hwa Bank-Tainan branch

Bank code:009

Account number: 6402-51-094685-00 (account name: Kevin Ko)

*Please verify the correct amount before making transfe



Ibon payment

Please call or send email for the payment passcode.

Please pay within 3 days. 

$50 service charge for cancellation

Please verify the correct amount before making transfer

If you use any of the above method to transfer payment, you must send an email ( to let us know the last 5 numbers of your account, otherwise reservation will be cancelled.

In the email, please include the following information:

l Name of guests

l Telephone number

l Email address

l Number of guests

l Check-in date

l Check-out date

l Room type

l Estimated time of arrival (ex. 3 pm)

l Transfer amount

l Last five digits of account number



If you have any question about us,please send us :