Past and the time we are.

This is a photo shot by a journalist about 40 years ago.

The owner,Kevin,sent me this photo as documents I could write the stories about FUQI BACKPACKER HOSTEL.

In the past,There were crowded people along Jhongjheng Rd..Elders,children and any other who came here and wanted to find a job for living were on the road.
Department stores,Boutiques,banks,hotels,and restaurants are here,satisfying every desires of people in Tainan.

There's nothing sudden,time passes.The road becomes what we see now.
No more crowded people,no more neon lights,all the thing that left is the style and old buildings people in the past left behind.

It's hard to imagine how wonderful the road was.Thanks to the journalist,we can still memorize through this photo.

The shop opened where FUQI is is a watch shop,called Goodness Watch.(In Chinese:時祥堂)
It's difficult to hold a business in a place full of competitors.But the owner of Goodness Watch overcame that situation,and earn lots of deals then.

No one could fight with time.For some reasons,the owner became our landlord now.

In a about 60-year-old house,we couldn't help but wonder how many stories happened and ended in this house.Everywhere in the house is full of memories of those who lived in.And we can see lots of construction techniques inside the house.As old as it is,it carries the dreams of the family who lived in,and now we're doing the same thing.

We dedicate to create an environment to let everyone here feel comfortable and the history of the house and this road.
Everywhere you see,it's not only a technique but soul given by the builder and the owner.

Quote from an author whose name is 葉石濤:

"A great place dream,to work,to love,to get married and to live your life."

When you come to stay or pay a visit,please open your eyes and mind to explore the wonders in FUQI BACKPACKER HOSTEL.




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